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Seven Myths About Money Busted | MoneyMindz

By | 04/09/2018

    It’s not a cakewalk to create wealth. Getting the highest returns isn’t sufficient to create lots of money.  High risks might give high returns. But that isn’t always right, because high risks may not guarantee high returns and instead give you a loss. The right way to make wealth is to earn consistent… Read More »

Delusions Concerning Financial Planning | MoneyMindz

By | 02/08/2018

    People love myths, especially ones that agree with their perceptions and opinions no matter however incorrect they might be. Sadly, many people strongly believe those illusions without confirming the truth or untruth about what they believe. Today, let us look at some common delusions people have about finance. 1. Forever Young These people… Read More »

RBI Repo Rate Hike: Home Loans Will Become Costly | MoneyMindz

By | 08/06/2018

For the first time in four and half years, the Reserve Bank of India has raised the repo rate by 0.25% at the back of rising inflation and high oil prices. This has occurred for the first time since the Narendra Modi government came to power in the year 2014 AD. Market analysts and financial… Read More »

Contrast Between Saving and Investing – Money Mindz

By | 16/05/2018

These two terms are utilized correspondently often. How to know the contrast? Read further. How do you create wealth if you were to start from scrap? Let’s say you have nothing with you and have to start with no money. You begin accumulating wealth by doing the following:- 1. Earning more than expenditure. You spend 14,995$ if… Read More »

How Should You Manage Your Personal Finance Habits? – MoneyMindz

By | 02/04/2018

Once you begin working, you will feel the need to start saving money. Congrats if you have already saved some money. One more question which pops up in your mind is “How to manage personal finance habits?” Worry not! Let’s get started, folks!!!. Track your income and expenses: X earns Rs.15,000 per month but spends all… Read More »


By | 19/12/2016

India is a nation consisting of people from the poor/middle class and hence will be careful in spending their hard earned money. Simply earning is not good enough; you must also know to effectively channelize your savings in a logical fashion.   Financial Advisors @ Moneymindz is unique, as it is India’s top financial advisory company… Read More »


By | 19/12/2016

Insurance is the major component of any financial market. Everybody likes to make quick money. Hence, insurance agents, having greed for incentives, will try to get more customers at any cost. Ways  A Good Insurance Advisor Can Mislead You: Some of the ways in which a good insurance advisor can mislead you are as follows:… Read More »