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What Is Estate Planning? Learn The Basics-MoneyMindz

By | 02/01/2019

India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal – MoneyMindz           Do you have an estate plan? Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your assets because you think you don’t have any. In fact, a basic estate plan is an important financial document for everyone to have. MoneyMindz, Financial Advisory Portal makes you learn the significance of… Read More »

Estate Planning- Have you sorted your property?

By | 24/11/2018

Estates are not just rich people who are old so they want to pass down their property to their heirs. It’s about all of us and most of us own estates like our house, car, land, valuables, investments, etc. Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz observes that wealth distribution does not affect estates since even… Read More »