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Contra Funds for Contrarian Investing

By | 14/11/2018

If you like taking calculated risks in investing, are patient and would like to take a different way of investing, Best Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz Moneymindz says that you have Contra Funds to invest in. Contrarian Funds are a relatively new concept so not many investors are aware of them and not many have started… Read More »

Contra Funds and everything you have to know about them

By | 08/10/2018

Every individual is unique and so are his/her strengths, weaknesses, choices, risk appetites, financial goals, approach towards different things, etc. While most people follow the herd, this unique person doesn’t. Smart Financial Adviser Kuber Mindz likes to relate this in the investment scenario. Many people are regular investors who panic and sell when others are… Read More »

Contrarian Fund Investing – Invest in Contra Funds

By | 24/09/2018

You are distinct and unlike other investors. You want to invest in something different and like equity fund investing as you get more exposure there. India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory says that if you are a patient individual, are fond of taking calculated risks and venturing into new avenues, contra funds suit you the most.… Read More »