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Do You Measure Your Financial Progress?

By | 11/06/2019

          When it comes to financial progress we are all at different places. In fact, some of us may not even measure progress in the same way. As you get to see that “rich” means different things to different people, the way you measure financial progress might vary from the way… Read More »

New Generation Can Follow These Tips To Cut Down On Debt

By | 12/04/2019

             In today’s generation everything is all about ‘SWAG’ lifestyle, where patience is minimum and hustle-bustle is maximum. But this swag lifestyle can make you end up with long credit card bills, heavy interest ridden debt, high EMIs and low or no cash reserves, now that is not so swag… Read More »

Insure Your Automobile With Auto Insurance- Kuber Mindz

By | 06/08/2018

    With the rise in automobiles, more and more accidents are also taking place. More congestion, pollution and traffic is seen. With all this, it is pertinent to get auto insurance for your vehicle. However, a considerable number of people don’t buy Auto Insurance at all. This is due to ignorance of the existence… Read More »

Blunders That Could Lead To Rejection Of Auto Insurance Claim | MoneyMindz

By | 28/07/2018

  You have been involved in an accident. You go to claim Auto Insurance for your vehicle but they rub salt on already existing wounds by rejecting your claim! Why are they adding fuel to fire? There could be certain reasons why your claim got rejected. Do not let them add insult to injury. Don’t… Read More »

Perks of Goal-based investing-Money Mindz

By | 04/05/2018

Every individual has his/her own ambitions and aspirations. However, majority invests in a haphazard method. Planning as per targets is not taken seriously by many. Investment based on target guides you. A meticulous procedure for investing displaying the intent behind each penny getting invested is called goal based investing. It views your existing assets, expense… Read More »