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Health Insurance is the plan available to protect the health of an individual. Changes in the climate around the globe and India in particular, have increased the demand for the health insurance.

Health Insurance Need Of The Hour:

Life expectancy of an average Indian has come down to 65 years. This is due to changes in the climate, and food habits. Gone are the days we used to make and eat healthy food. Invasion of fast food from other parts of the world has flooded the Indian food market.

Indians love to eat food and hence prone to various diseases like heart attack, excess fat, cholesterol, kidney failure, blood pressure, asthma and host of other deadly diseases. Health insurance plays a fundamental role in guarding your health and medical expenses in a logical fashion.

Benefits Of A Good Health Insurance:

A good health insurance comes with spectacular benefits:

Covers Life Threatening Diseases: A good health insurance covers life threatening diseases like Heart attack, Swine Flu, Kidney failure, Cancer, High blood pressure, Stroke, Cholesterol, and others in India.

Super Coverage: A wonderful health insurance plan will have a spectacular coverage. Some of the components of the health insurance would consist of the following components given below.

  • Inpatient-Hospitalization
  • Pre-hospitalization
  • Family floater policy
  • Free Health Checks
  • Post-hospitalization
  • Room Rentals
  • Ambulance Coverage
  • ICU Charges
  • Domiciliary Hospitalizations
  • Alternate Treatment Benefits

Save Time and Money:  A fantastic health insurance saves lot of time and money. One can save lot of money on doctors, medicines, hospital visits and various treatments in India.

Longer Life: A good health insurance plays a great role in having a longer and healthier life.

Tax Benefits: A good health insurance is playing a major role in offering exemption for the policyholders in India.

Complete Transparency: A superior insurance plan is good in providing complete transparency to the policyholder. One can visit the website to browse health plans, and personally visit the insurance advisor to get clear view on the health products in India.

Good Customer Service: A wonderful health insurance plan, good in offering excellent customer service to the investor. They have 24/7 Telephone, Email and Online chat support available every day to assist the policyholder in India.

Nuisance Of The Health Insurance:

Not Enough Medical Coverage:  Medical activities like surgical costs, in-patient and out-patient treatments, has increased. Hence health insurance cannot cover that.

Some Diseases Uncovered: Certain diseases like blood cancer, diabetes, hearing diseases, blindness since childhood, congenital external defects, venereal diseases, intentional self-injuries, using toxic, doing tests not related to diseases are some of them.

Long Waiting Periods: Good health insurance policy will have longer waiting period of 30 days. At this time any hospitalization charges will not be paid by the insurance companies.

Pre-existing Diseases Uncovered:  Most of the health related insurance does not cover any pre-existing diseases in India.

Premiums And Coverage:  Premium and coverage would cost lot of money. Hence many health insurance company are cutting down, amount of care they cover in India.

Absolutely No Choices: Most of the health insurance plans in India, does not have any choices. Policyholder’s freedom to resolve these issues are restricted.

Health insurance is ideal to enhance quality of life and encourage higher life expectancies in India.

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