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By | 01/10/2016

Insurance is one of the trickiest financial products. People often get misguided by agents or have a setback in understanding the policy clearly. It is so very difficult to avail an Insurance Policy which is legitimate, unbiased, and a policy which would support you as per your needs and Requirements.

But with You can get the best Insurance Advisory and Planning on your fingertips.

General problems faced by the Consumers while taking up a policy or existing problems that a policy holder faces are as follows:

  • Insurance agent neglects to mention all details of the Insurance policy.
  • Insurance Agent sells you a policy which does not match your needs then you are a victim of Mis-selling.
  • If an insurance agent asks you to sell your existing insurance policy with his Company stating that it does not match your needs (whether this is true or not) and then convinces you to pick up another insurance policy (may be a life endowment or a Ulip which would give him a high commission) from the same Company this is a type of mis-selling called Churning.


Benefits of Joining hands with MoneyMindz:

  • Advice and Suggestions from Financial Advisory Experts: On call MoneyMindz.Com is the Best Insurance Advisory Service. By Consulting MoneyMindz.Com one can enjoy the benefits of financial planning as we suggest the best Insurance products available in the industry as they have an option to post any Insurance related questions or doubts to the experts, Get advice on taking up the insurance policies, Compare policies and much more.

Our Expert Advisors after analysing your requirement will reply back with a post, providing you the necessary solution for the queries and doubts.

  • Free of Cost Service: As MoneyMindz is into spreading Free Financial Awareness and Investment Education we do not charge any kind of Commission or Registration Fee. We spread Financial awareness and Investment Advisory for absolutely free of cost.
  • Market Information and News: We update our consumers with the latest market trends,Financial Advisors at MoneyMindz.Com assists  you to be updated with the latest market information and fluctuations by timely market checks.
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Hence, At MoneyMindz.Com we have taken up the initiative to Offer free Financial Assistance, Advisory and to help customers for an efficient Investment Planning.     

We have had the privilege of serving more than 4,00,000+ Consumers in assisting with their financial needs and the numbers are Still counting.

So, are you looking to buy an Insurance policy?   Need an advice? Are you a victim of Mis-Selling? Then why wait?

Just give us a Missed call on 022 – 62116588

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