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By | 25/09/2018

You are an investor and you have no intention to invest directly in stocks and bonds, etc. But you still want to invest. Moneymindz, India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory states that you have Mutual Funds where you can invest and earn good amount of returns without investing directly in the market.

A mutual fund allows you to diversify your investments and get returns without having to invest in markets directly.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment fund that consists of a pool of money from multiple investors to invest in securities like stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and such other securities. Moneymindz, India’s First Free Online Financial Advisory states that mutual funds are formed when wealth hoarded from several investors is invested in company shares and managed collectively so as to earn the highest feasible returns.

Features of Mutual Funds

  1. Lower expenses

Several Mutual Funds come with lower expenses and such options are advantageous for investors. So go for funds with limited expenses.

  1. Selection must be based on long term good performance

When you go for a mutual fund, you should check its long term performance rather than just looking at short term performances. This is because many investors invest in Mutual Funds for the long term.

  1. Trustworthy and good reputation

Always bear in mind that the fund you choose to invest in has to be trustworthy and have good reputation. Otherwise it’s not worth your hard earned money.

Merits of Mutual Funds

  1. Simplicity

Mutual funds are baskets of investments in which dozens of security types exist. These holding combine to be called a portfolio. Wasn’t that easy to understand?

  1. Diversification of Funds
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Ask any investor or Financial Advisor and he/she will tell you how important diversification of investments is. Diversifying reduces risk. Mutual Funds diversify your investments. One mutual fund is in a position to invest in multiple investment securities.

  1. Managed Professionally

Your Mutual Fund investments are managed by professionals called “Fund Managers”. Such people buy and sell stocks that he/she has carefully researched, with your investments.

  1. Systematic Investment Plan or Lump sum

You can either invest through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or through Lump sum. You can select what is appropriate for you.

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