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By | 16/08/2018

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    The dawn of the 21st century saw the advent of more and more sophisticated technologies like smartphones, etc. Today, we talk about, and are seeing in some places too, driver less cars, robots serving food at restaurants and automated financial advisers.

That’s right. However, the advancement isn’t limited to the 21st century. Advancements have been happening since the dawn of mankind with the discovery of fire and invention of wheel.

What is Estate Planning?

It is the process of expecting and ensuring for the management of a person’s estate during his life for after his/her demise. It is the preparation of tasks that serve to manage a person’s asset base in the event of the person’s in capitation or demise. Get Personalized Advice On Estate Planning Financial Advisory From Kuber Mindz or Give A Miss On 022-62116588

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How the persons assets would be preserved, managed, and distributed after his/her demise, will be determined here. Assets mean everything, your house, car, property, investments, insurance, debt and pensions, etc.

Sadly, many people do not understand this and are even blissfully unaware of this. As a result, they fail to keep up a will or a trust, which later results in disputes among potential heirs to their property. Best Interactive Financial Advisory Kuber Mindz

People fight over property for the reason that the dead person failed to Plan his/her estates before death. Such a person hasn’t mentioned clearly who should get what. For instance, the eldest son should get one asset while the youngest son should get another asset. In the absence of such specifications, disputes arise.

Disputes have been numerous in history. We do not want to see or hear about more disputes. Hence, Moneymindz, Free Online Financial Advisory, came up with a unique solution.

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Kuber Mindz a Pragmatic Financial Advisor who is Friendly and Patient. His calm nature will astound you. But never judge a book by its cover. Kuber Mindz is a Smart Financial Advisor.

He will listen to your apprehensions and will offer solutions that are unique to you and your circumstances. He carries no prejudice and gives authentic information. You don’t have to hesitate to visit him at all. Regardless of age, you can go to him and talk to him.

You can ask him what Estate Planning is and why it is so imperative. The consequences of not planning your estates are evident with so many dispute cases related to estates and properties.

Get all your doubts clarified by Kuber Mindz. All you have to do is visit and he would present himself before you!

Artificial Intelligence has been liked globally and now, it has made its way to India too. We are glad to see this trend and progress. Hopefully people will consult Kuber Mindz in large numbers and start making Estate Plans so that no future disputes take place.

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