Are Real Estate Investments Better Than Gold?

By | 24/09/2016

Here we have the famous saying “Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy”. We are a nation with a rapidly rising population. However our landmass remains constant .How do we provide for the residences and shelter for so large a number of people. The answer is real estate development and urban planning.”Landlords Grow Rich In Their Sleep”. We all know what this means. Here we need to follow a very clever approach .Buy land on the fringe of a developing city and wait .Buy land when other people want to sell. Buy and hold land. Isn’t It A Comfortable Feeling Standing On Your Own Ground? This One Thing Won’t Fly Away”. There are very few things in life which can give the peace of mind that possession of land gives.

Rise For The Time Is Now

Rising…Rising…. the land prices are rising .Real estate is so expensive. Its affordability is beyond me. Oh I should have bought land back then. It is too costly now. The price of that dream house is beyond my budget .How many times have you heard these words .However one thought should certainly catch your attention. If land is priced stratospheric ally high now what would be its price tomorrow. Would you be able to afford it then…So make up your mind right now. The time is here…. the time is now…It is no use crying over spilt milk….Make that decision…Buy that piece of land or that dream home you always wanted…..

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Pricey Real Estate

India’s real estate prices rose rapidly during the period of 2002-2007.This was categorised by a fall in the home loan rates, rapid development of infrastructure and supporting roads, bridges and rapid urban planning lead to the development of software parks in Bangalore and Hyderabad which lead to development of real estate and rapidly rising prices. Here the cities of Delhi and National Capital Region hold the highest potential for growth and development in the country. Here you would have noticed a number of real estate projects taking off in Noida and Faridabad. Here these projects focus on affordability. Small Is Big….Here a large number of affordable 1 BHK projects are being launched and rapidly lapped up in these regions. In a single year from 2010-2011 we noticed over 30% increase in prices in the NCR-Delhi regions. Can You Tell Me Any Other Class Of Assets That Can Appreciate So Much? The NCR region with its rapid pace of development and job opportunities is tapping affordable housing. A certain developer launched 1 Lakh affordable houses in the National Capital Region. Clearly Small Is Here To Stay.

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