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A Big Fat Indian Wedding! That’s how everyone in the world knows the Indian ceremonies for tying the knot. And with a good reason. The grandeur of the ceremonies and the big bucks involved make weddings a regal affair. Parents save for the wedding and spend lavishly for the big day. A new and much-needed trend in the wedding industry is wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?

When big money is involved, the risk of losing the money is also high. Any unforeseen event during the wedding can result in huge monetary loss to your family. To protect you against the risks, wedding insurance comes to your rescue.

Why do you need wedding insurance?

As with any insurance, wedding insurance covers you against uncertainties. It covers emergency situations that may arise due to various reasons. The cost of organizing the ceremony is already huge. Mishaps or cancellation can add up substantially to the wedding cost. A wedding insurance policy with can ensure coverage of such costs.

Cancellation or postponement

A wedding insurance covers cancellation or postponement due to fire at the venue or any natural calamity like an earthquake. The policy covers cancellation or postponement. If the insured person does not show up at the wedding due to an accident, death or hospitalization, he is covered.

Loss or damage of property

Your policy covers you for loss or damage caused to the venue due to natural calamities and fire. It also covers damage caused to décor, appliances, precious stones and gems, and jewellery.


Theft or burglary

A lot of valuables and jewellery are bought for a wedding. A good amount of cash is also kept handy for miscellaneous expenses. This is an opportunity for thieves. In the case of theft or burglary at the event, you are covered.

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Public liability

An important inclusion in wedding insurance is the public liability cover. It ensures protection against injury or death of a third party due to an accident at the venue. The policy covers legal liability that may arise due to situations like food poisoning.

Personal accident

Those insured in the policy are covered against accidental death. Any disability caused due to the accident is also covered.


By buying a wedding insurance, you buy protection of a large amount for a minimal premium. But there is a list of exclusions like cancellation due to war or terrorist attack or kidnap of the person insured. Remember to read the document to understand your policy.

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