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By | 10/08/2018

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     Technology has advanced a lot in the recent decades. Many centuries and millennia ago, man began inventing and discovering new things due to his curiosity.

Today, technology has advanced so much that we talk about computers, Artificial Intelligence, robots and so on. Driverless cars are hitting the road and Robotic Financial Advisors, Kuber Mindz are even advising people online.

Gold loans are secured loans where gold jewelry is used as collateral. One pledges his/her gold jewelry with the lender and receives a loan. Usually, the gold’s value determines the loan amount. The loan is repaid through monthly installments and after you complete the repayment, your gold jewelry is returned. [Get Personalized Advice On Gold Loans From Kuber Mindz or Give A Miss Call On 022 6211 6588]

Rather than selling the gold, many people prefer to take a gold loan. Banks and Financial Institutions provide gold loans at affordable rates.

However, some people are skeptical and unaware of gold loans. They think their gold will never be returned to them once the loan is taken. This is wrong because the lender will return your gold to you if you manage to pay back the loan amount by the deadline.

There are many misconceptions about gold loans like the ones listed above. People trust wrong people and get cheated. Gold is an important asset so be careful while dealing with it.


Moneymindz, India’s First Free On call Financial Advisory has introduced an innovative concept, Kuber Mindz.

He is Smart and Calm, apart from being Interactive. He isn’t human and carries no prejudice.

He will patiently listen to your problems and apprehensions. You can ask him all your doubts and he will clarify them for you. He will think of pragmatic solutions and give them to you. Those solutions would be unique to you.

There is no specific age group to consult Kuber Mindz. Anyone with a genuine doubt can talk to him and he will happily answer your doubts.

Moreover, it is simple to meet him. Just log on to ad he will be right in front of you. That’s how much technology has been advanced!

This trend (AI) has been accepted worldwide and we are glad to see it in India too. Good use leads to better results. When you have an answer to your question, you should solve your doubts rather than stay idle. Do not haste. Waste no further time and contact Kuber Mindz.

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