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By | 13/02/2019
         A well known fact is that FREEDOM means different thing to different people at various stages of life. It’s up to you whether you call it Independence or Liberty, Freedom is a state of being FREE. You are basically, free to do whatever you like or you want. Freedom implies no restrictions of any sort, no liabilities, and no dependence on anybody.
Free Financial and Investment Assistance Portal, MoneyMindz.com talks about Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom is no different. It is a state when you are and feel free to do anything and everything, with the money you have. You don’t need to exchange your time for money, but you value your time the most and spend your time the way you want without being worried about money.
Financial freedom is a state when your money works for you and gives you enough time to enjoy your life. The truth is that Freedom is a state of mind and you will feel free only when you feel secure.You may also feel financially free, when you have enough money to take care of yours and your family’s basic necessities of food, shelter, education, and sometimes even after having all luxuries the insecurity still prevails within you.
But financial freedom may also be called as a state of contentment, i.e. when you are not attached to money and feel content with whatever you have. Some feel that contentment is enemy of growth, but I feel that only content mind can innovate and brings growth. You need to prioritize your responsibilities, desires, and work towards achieving the same. A Discontent mind cannot focus on what is important and keeps doubting its ability to generate growth. More contended you are, more free you will feel, which results into more growth.
Have your ever thought of attaining financial freedom? Well working towards financial freedom is no different at all. Besides a vision or goal oriented disciplined approach, we also have to fight ourselves from within, fight with our ineffective habits like overspending, unnecessary leveraging, investing behavior etc. to reach that state where we can say that we are not worried about our finances anymore.
You’ll have to understand that freedom doesn’t mean anything if you are not able to enjoy your life. Striving for freedom is fine, but you need to take care of your health too and take along with you the important relationships that you feel is required for you to enjoy the state of financial freedom.
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