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By | 21/01/2019

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6 Easy Steps To Apply For An Education Loan-MoneyMindz
The pursuits of academic careers have become easy now with the various education loans. MoneyMindz, Financial Advisory Portal guides you with 6 simple steps to apply for an education loan:
Step 1:
You need to fill the application form giving your details such as contacts details, details relating to academic etc
Step 2:
You’ll have to attend a round of personal discussion where multiple questions relating to your academic performance, the course you have selected, the institute etc. will be put to you.
Step 3:
You’ll need to provide validated supporting documents to the bank authority.
Step 4:
Before sanctioning the loan, a thorough verification will be done of your guarantor who is mandatory for the loan sanction.
Step 5:
After the loan is sanctioned you’ll have to sign a promissory note to the bank.
Step 6:
The bank will disburse the loan after completion of the required formalities.
MoneyMindz, India’s First On-call Financial Advisory Portal says that availing an education loan is made very easier in the current times.
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