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By | 07/05/2018
5 Reasons You Ought To Possess a Travel Insurance Cover

MoneyMindz – India’s First Free Online/On-call Financial Advisory Portal – 5 Reasons You Ought To Possess a Travel Insurance Cover

Generally, Indian overseas travellers do not possess travel insurances.

An overseas holiday is always welcomed as a good break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But without planning assiduously, you could face a distressing experience. Along with planning for the itinerary, travel tickets, accommodation and the necessary paperwork, you also require insurance for a pleasurable travel.

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As per experts, Indian tourists generally don’t insure themselves and their belongings when they travel overseas, especially the places where natural calamities occur frequently. As per a survey, despite the fact that 90% of the surveyed people knew about travel insurance they didn’t have any travel insurance! There are numerous travel insurances in India that include covers for medical emergencies, catastrophe evacuation, delay or cancellation of the trip, emergency cash advance and so on. Here are 5 reasons you definitely must possess travel insurance!

1. Loss of passport/luggage

In a foreign country, if you lose your passport or luggage what will you do? Communication gets more challenging if you know not the local language. If you have travel insurance you can not only receive a duplicate passport but also get compensation for your loss.

2. Medical coverage

Even the healthiest tree falls down! A man who was hale and hearty one day died the next morning in sleep! You never know when you may fall sick even if you seem to be healthy now. Majority of health insurance companies in India are useless beyond the borders of the nation. A travel insurance covers medical emergencies when you’re abroad.

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3. Cancellations or delay

Let’s say you’ve booked your tickets and accommodation in a foreign country and are all set to go. However, at the last minute, you’ll have to cancel the trip due to varied unforeseen circumstances such as illness or death in the family. A travel plan with cancellation coverage comes to use in such a scenario.

4. Emergency Evacuation

A natural or manmade mishap might happen all of a sudden! It demands emergency evacuation. Your evacuation is on the company if you have an insurance already.

5. Round the clock support

When you are wrecked in an alien location abroad, you require guidance and directions. The access to 24*7 emergency helpline is what you require.

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